Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd

Regarding the metallurgy, port and mining fields, DHHI provides total solutions for smart port & terminals, smart coke oven vehicles, smart warehousing and logistics, smart submerged arc furnace plant, smart handling vehicle systems, and remote smart operation and maintenance systems, etc. DHHI established a specialized intelligent product R&D team of more than 200 persons, including experts enjoying State Council allowance, professional deputy chief designers as well as professors, doctors and masters engaged in technological process, design, control, optimization, algorithm, software, etc. DHHI set up an intelligent laboratory for the purpose of building a fully integrated digitalized commissioning and testing platform for heavy equipment. The combination of software and hardware realizes logic control of components and the whole machine, providing a full-range assistance for site simulated commissioning, R&D and testing of intelligent technology for heavy equipment and setting an example for performance warranty, schedule assurance and site efficiency guarantee for key projects of DHHI.


Intelligent products


  • Intelligent total solution for bulk material

    The total solution for bulk cargo at intelligent port and terminal is the core for DHHI to serve the customer. This solution will concentrate on providing digitalized and intelligent product and service for storage and transport of bulk material at open/closed strip-shaped stockyards, circular yard and terminal. The products cover unmanned car dumper, belt conveyor, stackers and reclaimers of boom type, scraper type, gantry type and blending type, material unloading car, ship loader and ship unloader, etc.

    Intelligent integrated solution for bulk materials
  • Intelligent total solution for coke oven

    DHHI has a specialized production base for coke oven machinery. The intelligent coke oven machinery designed and manufactured has achieved automatic operation in unmanned mode according to the production plan, without the presence of operators or on-duty personnel, with functions of hazard identification, intelligent decision making, failure prevention, failure alarm and shutdown, etc.

    Intelligent integrated solution for coke oven
  • Intelligent total solution for warehousing and logistics

    DHHI is committed to the research and development of unmanned handling systems for molten steel ladle, molten iron ladle, steel coil, steel plate, billet, steel ingot, rod and wire, coal, ore, etc. and can provide the customers with total solution for subsystem and equipment, including machine vision, intelligent algorithms, fault diagnosis, longevity management, remote monitoring, operation and maintenance, intelligent lifting equipment, intelligent ground transportation equipment.

    Intelligent integrated solution for warehousing logistics
  • Total solution for intelligent sub-merged arc furnace

    DHHI is a leading and backbone enterprise in large sub-merged arc furnace industry in China. It leads the development of domestic sub-merged arc furnace towards the direction of large, energy saving, environment friendly and intelligence and holds complete core technologies for sub-merged arc such as process technology, control technology and mechanical discharging technology, etc.

    Intelligent control system for mineral furnace
  • Total solution for intelligent transport vehicle

    Heavy-duty AGV is an intelligent transportation vehicle used to carry heavy components, with functions such as self-guided operation, automatic lifting, multiple steering modes, obstacle avoidance and collision prevention, etc. This product supports multiple navigation modes such as inertial navigation, natural navigation and laser navigation, multiple power modes including hybrid and pure electric, multiple drive modes including hydraulic and electric, multiple control modes including unmanned operation, manned remote control, with a maximum loading capacity up to 200 tons.

    Intelligent handling vehicle integrated solution
  • Intelligent total solution for remote operation and maintenance

    Based on data analysis, DHHI developed a remote intelligent operation and maintenance platform according to product performance and technical characteristics. It is integrated with currently-prevailing advanced technologies such as fault diagnosis technology, sensor detection technology, digital twin technology, data analysis and data mining algorithms, cloud computing, etc. to realize the functions of fault location, pushing of maintenance plan and suggestion, etc.

    Intelligent integrated solution for remote operation and maintenance