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Service-oriented manufacturing
Service-oriented manufacturing

DHHI regards service-oriented manufacturing as its focus for development for the period of “The 14th Five Year Plan” and provides full-life-cycle service for the customer through engineering project contracting (EPC), test service, design and consulting, operation and inspection service, spare parts and rebuilding, etc.

Contact person

  • Contact person for EPC project:Zhao Jun

    Mobile:13898406378  E-mail:zhaojun@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for test service:Wamg wemchong

    Mobile:15940878740  E-mail:wangwca@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for design consultation:Gao Fei

    Mobile:13009416151  E-mail:gaofei@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for operation and inspection service, spare part and rebuilding:Zhao Zhirong

    Mobile:13516052588  E-mail:zhaozr@dhidcw.com

Detailed introduction

DHHI is capable of independent research and development of major technical equipment and design, manufacture, erection, commissioning with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration as well as engineering project contracting (EPC). It has successfully undertaken many significant EPC projects, e.g. tailing treatment project for Roy Hill Australia, 600,000t national grain silo project for Beiliang Port Dalian, 1500mm hot rolled strip project for Shandong Laiwu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., 400,000t/year calcium carbide furnace project for Inner Mongolia Yili Energy Co., Ltd., 300,000t ore terminal project for Majishan Port of Baosteel, coal terminal project phase 5 for Qinhuangdao Port, etc.

The scope of service of DHHI’s current inspection and testing business includes physical & chemical detection, measurement and calibration, non destructive examination, comprehensive testing of product, etc. DHHI has over 2000 sets of measuring equipment and specialized personnel, e.g. approx.50 level-1 and level-2 certified metrology engineers, senior engineers, etc. The testing and inspection achievements mainly cover the fields of port, bulk material, lifting, metallurgy, nuclear power, wind power, thermal power, hydro power and offshore engineering, etc. both at home and abroad.


Regarding customer’s bulk material handling machinery, lifting machinery, rolling/metallurgical /casting/coke oven machinery and metallurgical vehicle, DHHI can make simulation for strength, rigidity, buckling and fatigue of structure, pin connection, bolt connection and material flow, analysis for dynamics of structure and mechanism, kinematic analysis of mechanism, thermodynamic analysis as well as simulation analysis and optimization for hydrodynamic according to series Australian, European, ISO, American and Chinese standards, with the capacity of review for structural design as a third party and providing consulting service for project.


DHHI has obtained over 10 qualifications covering mechanical and electrical installation, EPC of metallurgy project, specialized contracting and permit since 2009 and can provide services such as maintenance, integrated operation and inspection, spare parts zero stock supermarket, technical service and consultation, equipment upgrading and remanufacturing, etc. to ensure equipment efficiency is improved, operation cost is reduced, life cycle of the product is further extended and value of the equipment rises, for the customer. The operation and inspection service fields of DHHI cover many pillar industries in national economy such as metallurgy, coal, port, electric power, cement, etc., greatly contributing to making benefit for the customer and establishing a good reputation in the industry.

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