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Technology strength

DHHI has more than 1400 engineers and technicians, including over 470 persons with senior-grade professional title or above, and over 50 scientific and technological talents of the municipal level or above, e.g. national model workers, the special allowance experts of the State Council, and provincial and municipal outstanding experts. DHHI established the state-recognized enterprise technical center, the national engineering technology research center, doctoral scientific research workstation and the R&D center in German and won nearly 300 scientific and technological awards above the municipal level, such as the national science and technology progress award, the Chinese Patent Gold Award, etc., and drafted and revised more than 70 national and industrial standards. DHHI has been awarded the titles of “National Technological Innovation Model Enterprise, National Innovative Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Right Model Enterprise and National High-Tech Enterprise”.

The enterprise technical center of DHHI is powerful in technical background, extensive in specialty categories and perfect in scientific research and development system. It consists of a general design and research institute, 10 specialized design institutes for handling machinery, port machinery, nuclear power equipment, metallurgical & mining machinery, coke oven machinery, crane, engineering technology, gearbox, hydraulic, ladle (bulk material) as well as an electrical R&D center.

The technical center of DHHI is composed of the mechanical drive lab, electric automation lab, hydraulic drive lab, heat treatment technology research institute, welding technology research institute, surface hardening technology research institute and thermal technology research institute, which are equipped with advanced lab devices and experienced engineers and technicians. These lay a solid foundation for ensuring the product quality and promoting the development of new product and application of new technology for DHHI.

  • 20000t×125m bridge crane with multiple lifting points

    The 20000t×125m bridge crane with multiple lifting points is a super-large super-sized lifting equipment independently designed and manufacturedand with independent intellectual property rights owned, by DHHI.It is used to lift and build offshore equipment and facilities that exceed 10,000 tons such as offshore oil drilling platforms, ships, etc. Compared with the traditional construction technology, the overall single lifting can save customers more than 2 million man-hours and shorten the construction period by over 30%. It has been successfully applied to the lifting and assembly of the over-10,000-ton offshore oil drilling platform of Yantai Raffles Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • 10,000-ton-class bulk material handling equipment

    In 2015, DHHI successfully developed and manufactured a batch of 10,000-ton-class bulk material handling machinery, including two 14500t/h stackers, two 14400t/h reclaimers, one 13700t/h stationary stacker and one 12700t/h ship loader, for export to Australia for Roy Hill project. All the designs were made in accordance with Australian standards (AS) and modularized assembly and shipment were realized, creating a precedent for modularized assembly of large bulk material handling machinery in China.

  • Feed supporting system for FAST project

    The feed supporting system is used for the Five hundred meters Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) built by the National Astronomical Observatory in Guizhou Province. It consists of five parts, i.e. feed supporting tower, drive cable, feed cabin, port platform and the monitoring system. Within a focal plane space of 207 m diameter and 160 m radius at an altitude of 140~180 m, the 30t feed cabin is towed by 6 steel cables to achieve instantaneous and accurate positioning and attitude determination in a large span so as to trace the celestial signal searched by the reflector, realizing focused observation of the telescope. Meanwhile, the adoption of the six-cable three-node parallel connection supporting mode instead of the traditional rigid supporting mode greatly reduces the weight and size of the feed supporting structure and the shielding of the radio waves of telescope. It is a significant breakthrough in technology for large radio telescope construction in the world.

  • Polar crane for HPR1000 nuclear power plant

    Polar crane for HPR1000 nuclear power plant is independently developed by DHHI for the third-generation “HPR1000” nuclear power plant only for which China holds independent intellectual property rights. As one of the ten major core facilitates in nuclear power plant, it is located right above the reactor and is the key lifting equipment for installation, operation and maintenance of the nuclear island.

    Polar crane is the representative lifting equipment for nuclear power plant and also one of the leading products of DHHI. Polar crane for HPR1000 nuclear power plant is independently developed by DHHI based on the improved second-generation polar crane technology and fully meets the requirement of China for construction of third-generation nuclear power plant.

  • W12X92DF marine crankshaft for 23000 TEU container ship

    The W12X92DF marine crankshaft is an integral crankshaft composed of the front 6-cylinder crankshaft and the rear 6-cylinder crankshaft by butt assembling, with a total length 23.5m, rotation diameter Φ4630mm and total weight 487.98t. The finished size of the main journal is Φ1120mm, the finished size of the throw neck is Φ1120mm, and the half stroke is 1734mm. The engine installed is the latest product developed by Winterthur Engine (WIN GD), the world's second largest patent company.

    This engine is of bi-fuel type, installed in the 23,000TEU container ship jointly built by Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and CMA CGM.