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5~1000t gantry crane is one of the series products of DHHI. Such cranes are of reliable performance, easy maintenance, high adaptability and are widely applied in shipbuilding, hydropower, railway and stockyard. Since 1954, DHHI has developed 10 types of gantry cranes covering hundreds of specifications, and the design and manufacturing have reached the advanced levels in the world.

Contact person

  • Contact person for shipbuilding gantry crane:Kang Ning

    Mobile:15041162671  E-mail:kangning@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for gantry crane for hydropower station:Kang Ning

    Mobile:15041162671  E-mail:kangning@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for gantry crane for general purpose:Kang Ning

    Mobile:15041162671  E-mail:kangning@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for transporter crane:Kang Ning

    Mobile:15041162671  E-mail:kangning@dhidcw.com

Detailed introduction

Gantry crane for hydropower station is a multi-functional crane working on the dam top or tail platform of the dam of hydropower station for opening /closing or handling of various gates such as the water inlet gate of generator set, emergency service gate at the flush bottom outlet, trash rack, plain gate for flood discharging, etc. as well as for installation of mechanical and electrical equipment and lifting of other equipment on the dam. The main technical characteristics of such crane developed by DHHI are: high lifting capacity (max.1000t), high overload capacity, less span (normally 10-20m), high lifting height, provided with automatic or intelligent underwater hydraulic carrier beam, and advanced electrical speed control system, PLC and network control system can be used.

Gantry crane for general purpose is mainly applied at open storage, stockyard, railway freight station, cargo area of port and wharf, etc. for handling operation, and special lifting tools can be used for some special operations as well. The series gantry cranes for general purpose developed and manufactured by DHHI include 5~20/5t series cranes with single girder, 5~10t series grab cranes with single (double) girder(s), 5~50t cranes with double girders.

Transporter cranes are widely applied in port, wharf and power plant, etc. In coal conveying system of power plant, such crane can undertake stacking and reclaiming operation as well as unloading and feeding work, for coal. If special grab is provided, this crane can also perform handling operation for bulk material or powder ore. The transporter crane developed and manufactured by DHHI is of type 5-40t×40-50m, whose performance and quality are praised by the customer.

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