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Other types of stacker & reclaimer

In addition to boom-type stacker & reclaimer, DHHI also develops and manufactures gantry-type bucket-wheel stacker & reclaimer and drum-type blending stacker & reclaime, etc. These produces are of superior quality and performance and are in the good graces of the customer.

Contact person

  • Contact person for gantry-type bucket-wheel stacker & reclaimer:Zhao Yutang

    Mobile:13940811175  E-mail:zhaoyt@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for drum-type blending reclaimer:Zhao Yutang

    Mobile:13940811175  E-mail:zhaoyt@dhidcw.com

Detailed introduction

Gantry-type bucket-wheel stacker & reclaimer is a continuous and efficient bulk material handling machinery, which is widely applied in large coal-fired power plant, port, etc. and is characterized by less area and space occupation, simple mechanism action, ease of putting up a shed and intelligent transformation, etc. DHHI can independently design and manufacture different types of large gantry-type bucket-wheel stacker & reclaimer with a stacking & reclaiming capacity of 100~6000t/h, span 30~65m, with different forms of tripper cars provided, e.g. straight-through, reversible and divided forms, etc.

Drum-type blending reclaimer is applied at the stockyard of steel plant, coking plant, cement plant and chemical plant for conveying the bulk material such as ore, coal, etc. and is large, efficient blending reclaiming machinery. The working principle of this machine is that, by lateral scraping of the rake over the full pile section, material is reclaimed at the bottom hopper which advance horizontally and conveyed onto the over-ground belt. It is characterized by good blending effect, stable reclaimed material composition and efficient operation. DHHI set out to develop and manufacture such equipment, with the capacity covering 800~2100t/h, rail gauge ranging 30~40m.

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