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Transmission and control system
Gear driving system

DHHI has powerful technical background for development and manufacture of driving and control system. It has provided lots of gearboxes of advanced technology and superior quality for engineering machinery, mining machinery, offshore engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery and rail transit machinery and is praised by the customers.

Contact person

  • Contact person for gearbox of metallurgical machinery:Li Kun

    Mobile:13841125728  E-mail:likun@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for gearbox of mining machinery:Li Kun

    Mobile:13841125728  E-mail:likun@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for series gearboxes for offshore engineering and petroleum purposes:Li Kun

    Mobile:13841125728  E-mail:likun@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for gearbox for rail transit:Li Kun

    Mobile:13841125728  E-mail:likun@dhidcw.com

Detailed introduction

DHHI is a specialized enterprise for design and manufacture of gearbox for metallurgical machinery in China. It drafted relevant national manufacturing standard for gearbox of lifting appliances. The products of DHHI mainly serve bridge crane, gantry crane, crane for metallurgic plant, ship loader/unloader, polar crane, etc. and are highly praised by domestic and overseas customers by virtue of their leading design concept and high reliability.

DHHI’s gearboxes for mining machinery include wheel hub reducer for mining car, cutting and travelling gearboxes for roadheader, rocker and traction gearboxes for coal cutter, gearbox for scraper conveyor, gearbox for slag vertical mill, wheel hub reducer for mine material cars/mine manriding cars with narrow gauge, etc., covering series 110T, 220T, 240T and 363T.

DHHI’s manufacture technology for core components of offshore engineering equipment is improved increasingly. The gearboxes for lifting system, top driving device and winch of offshore petroleum drilling platform, gears and gearboxes for medium/low-speed power system of ship, gearbox for deck machinery, etc. are certified by classification societies CCS, BV, etc., covering top driving device types 40, 50, 70 and 90.

DHHI is the nominated supplier of VOITH for locomotive gears in Asian-Pacific region. The products of DHHI are applied in metro, light rail and high-speed railway fields. DHHI is also engaged in development and manufacture of gearbox for locomotive, with the manufacture technology and quality management and control abilities reaching the advanced level of the world.

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