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Core components for wind turbine

DHHI started to develop and manufacture core components for megawatt-level wind turbine from 2004 and has developed 15 kinds of core components for 1.5-6MW wind turbines, e.g. gearbox, yaw and pitch drives, nodular iron castings, etc., which have achieved batch production.

Contact person

  • Contact person for gearbox of wind turbine:Zheng jie

    Mobile:15566868285  E-mail:zhengjie@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for yaw and pitch drives:Zheng jie

    Mobile:15566868285  E-mail:zhengjie@dhidcw.com

    Contact person for nodular iron castings of wind turbine:Xiao jiale

    Mobile:13624981113  E-mail:xiaojl@dhidcw.com

Detailed introduction

As a larger gearbox manufacturer for megawatt-level wind turbine in China, DHHI has developed over 10 series of gearboxes covering dozens of types with a total supply of more than 14000 sets which are widely applied in onshore and offshore wind fields both at home and abroad. The series gearboxes for 2.X MW, 3.X MW and 4.X MW wind turbines are of platformization design, which can quickly meet the customized demand of the customer. The product is stable in performance, high in reliability and exported to EU, South Korea, Japan, India, etc.

DHHI established a yaw and pitch drives development center where international advanced design software is used to develop products that can meet the demand of different wind fields for 1-6MW wind turbines, achieving modularized, serialized and standardized production of yaw and pitch drives for different types of wind turbines.

DHHI has a capacity for producing 100,000 tons of nodular iron castings for wind turbine annually. It has 8 casting lines, with the products (hub, elbow, base) covering 0.85-12 MW wind turbines, monthly production of more than 70 sets of castings for offshore wind turbine, and successfully developed and manufactured the castings for many types of wind turbines ranging 3-4.5MW, 5-7MW, 8-10MW, 10-12MW.

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