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Successful test of China’s first C96 car dumper developed and manufactured by DHHI for matching with the loaded open wagon for dumping

Date:APR 18, 2018 324 Font scaling:

A few days ago, good news from the job site in Jining, Shandong Province said that, the test ofChina’s first C96 car dumper system developed and manufactured by DHHI for matching with the C96 loaded railway open wagon for dumping was completed successfully. This is of vital significance for DHHI to take one more solid step forward towards the direction of large size and heavy duty for car dumper system.

This matching test was organized by China Railway Corporation. DHHI gave full support for this test and checked the parameters of C96 open wagon and the data of car dumper for matching again and again in advance. During the test, several times of combined tests, i.e. wagon entry, stress test, loading of 96t material, shunting operation, dumping operation, etc., was made successively, and all the measured data met the technical requirements and were approved by China Railway Corporation and the competent test agency.