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DHHI successfully won the bid for semi-portal-type scraper reclaimer of the highest capacity in China

Date:Mar 15, 2018 416 Font scaling:

Recently, DHHI successfully won the bid for the 2500t/h semi-portal-type scraper reclaimer of the highest reclaiming capacity inChinafor C-shaped stockyard for Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Corporation of Baosteel. This semi-portal-type scraper reclaimer is not only of the highest capacity for ore reclaiming but also the first with two-way belts provided aboveground, inChina. Successful signing of this project makes DHHI achieve full-range coverage of products in full portal type, semi portal type, side type, bridge type, etc. for development of full-series scraper reclaimers and successfully occupy the favorable position for domestic “full-closed” stockyard equipment and lays a solid foundation for DHHI to further consolidate and improve its competitive power in scraper reclaimer market

Compared with the traditional reclaimers, as the semi-portal-type scraper reclaimer for C-shaped stockyard operates in full-closed condition, dust emission from reclaiming hardly exists. It has many advantages such as advanced technology, high program control level, green and environmental protection, outstanding performance, etc. and is wide in market prospect.