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DHHI becomes the sole supplier of STX South Korea in China

Date:Feb 06, 2018 479 Font scaling:

Recently, one of the subsidiaries of DHHI, the Ship Crankshaft Company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on supplying ship crankshaft with STX Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. ofSouth Korea, thereby DHHI becomes the sole supplier of STX for providing ship shaft for low-speed diesel engine inChina.

Signing of this agreement is attributable to approval of STX for DHHI’s on-schedule completion of two superior-quality 7G80 crankshafts urgently needed by STX in only half a year as well as the satisfactory cooperation between the two parties at previous stage.  According to the agreement, cooperation of the two parties will be extended to cover all ship crankshafts of Man series 50 and above. This is of vital significance for the Ship Crankshaft Company of DHHI to expand export business and exploit potential market and customer for the next year and future.