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DHHI signed technical transfer agreement with Japan Foundry Co., Ltd.

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On October 12 p.m., the signing ceremony for manufacture technique transfer between DHHI and Japan Foundry Co., Ltd. was held in the international conference room of DHHI’s headquarters. President of DHHI, Cong Hong, was present at the ceremony; general manager of DHHI, Shao Changnan, chief of Japan Foundry Co., Ltd., Masaru Washio, signed the agreement on behalf of their own companies, respectively, and the ceremony was presided over by Shao Changnan.

Cong Hong said, Japan Foundry Co., Ltd. has contracted a profound friendship with DHHI over years of cooperation, and the support and help given by Japan Foundry Co., Ltd. And Masaru Washio to DHHI over the years are appreciated. Cong Hong hoped this agreement comes to fruition earlier and expects in-depth cooperation are carried out in more fields between the two companies.

Masaru Washio said, DHHI is an important cooperation partner of Japan Foundry Co., Ltd. He hoped this technical transfer will help DHHI’s development, and both parties jointly perform market development for the fields covered by this technology properly. 

This technical transfer will greatly improve the manufacture capacity of DHHI in the relevant field. According to the agreement, both parties will carry out more cooperation and exchange in this technical field and jointly develop the market.

Director of overseas procurement department of Japan Foundry Co., Ltd., Zhang Lixin, assistant to the president of DHHI, Qu Hong and Sun Daqing, and related heads of Foundry Industry Co. and International Co. of DHHI, attended the ceremony.