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DHHI successfully manufactured the casting for the first 1,000MW hydropower unit in the world

Date:Dec 18, 2017 352 Font scaling:

A few days ago, the crown and band with a gross weight exceeding 185t manufactured by DHHI for hydropower unit were officially present to the public, and this is the first set of products for 1,000MW hydropower unit for Baihetan Hydropower Station with the largest unit capacity currently in the world. Over a week of strict inspection, this casting passed the acceptance check and reached the criteria for superior-quality product. This symbolizes that DHHI has fully solved the difficulties for development and manufacture of key steel casting for 1,000MW hydropower unit.

Baihetan Hydropower Station is developed by China Three Gorges Corporation and is presently the largest hydropower station under construction in the world. After completion of this project, Baihetan Hydropower Station will become the second largest hydropower station for installed capacity in the world after the Three Gorges Hydropower Station. This station will be equipped with sixteen 1,000MW water turbine generator sets with the largest unit capacity in the world, in which, the task for development and manufacture of crowns and bands for 5 units will be undertaken by DHHI.